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The Living Blue at Radio Maria Sunday Night

Stephen Ucherek and Joe Prokop know a little something about perseverance. Now in their 10th year as bandmates in one of Champaign’s most beloved psych-rock acts of all time, The Living Blue, the quartet (with what seems to finally have a stable rhythmic core) are gearing up to release their fourth album together, and second as The Living Blue, Walk, Talk, Rhythm, Roam.

Most anyone who has watched the music scene over the past five years knows the story: before releasing their debut for Minty Fresh, the band that was once known as The Blackouts had to face up to the fact that a name that radical was shared by more than a few others who felt the same way about it. They turned the name of their second record, entitled Living in Blue, into the name of their band. The rest, well, is still being written.

So, what to do when your band fills up Mike n’ Molly’s upstairs in 15 minutes and The Highdive is just a bit too daunting for a Sunday night play? Hit up the folks at Radio Maria and put on a floor show in their new tapas bar area, that’s what. The atmosphere is swanky, but the drinks are reasonably priced—and, most importantly, it’s a chance to see one of Champaign’s best rock bands in a new and intimate atmosphere. The show is purportedly $5 at the gate, but, someone must have been smoking those purple rocks from Ran-tucky to set a price that low on a show this good! Damn!

They are joined by longtime Chicago stalwarts Tight Phantomz, led by Mike Lust, and the show starts at 9 p.m. or so.

Radio Maria is located at 109 N. Market St. in downtown Champaign.

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