Smile Politely

The Piano Man Tonight at The Canopy Club

I know exactly what’ll happen. I’ll sit down, play a few holiday songs, and then some drunk jerk will yell out, ”’Piano Man,’” and everybody will start clapping, and I’ll look like a real asshole if I don’t play it.

Tonight at The Canopy Club, The Piano Man will play in The Small Hall (moved from The Void Room), utilizing his extensive mental Filofax of songs to charm and entertain the masses. Fancy some Ben Folds, Coldplay, or Elton John with your Tuesday night? Is 105.9 not filling the Genesis-shaped void in your soul? If the music isn’t enough to convince you that you’re in a real piano bar, the special on $2 long island iced teas should help.

The Canopy Club is located at 708 S. Goodwin in Urbana. Doors open at 9 p.m. for the 10 p.m. free show.

Excerpt from “What I would be Thinking about if I Were Billy Joel Driving Toward a Holiday Party Where I Knew There Was Going to Be A Piano,” Michael Ian Black, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency>

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