Smile Politely

Two Girls Play Mike ‘N Molly’s Tomorrow

Read the “sounds like” section on any bands profile and you’ll likely get some self-aggrandizing gibberish, something nearly unintelligible, or the drivel of a band member who has no idea what their band sounds like. Two Girls, actually four guys who will be rolling through Mike ‘N Molly’s on Friday, fills this section of their myspace with an apt description: “the kind of music you wish hippies would make.”

Although the band boasts a percussionist in addition to a regular drummer, the band avoids degenerating into a “crunchy” drum circle. Front man Joel Madigan’s sludge-tinged, riff-driven guitar work slithers through the layers of percussion, invoking early stoner-psych bands like Kyuss. Maybe they’ll make people dance like hippies should dance.

Sharing the stage will be local indie-pop outfit Hot Cops, featuring former Green Light Go bassist Mike Daab. Think textured, and emotive indie rock with towering vocals and harmonies.

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