Smile Politely

Ask Politely #43

T-minus seven days and counting until Black Friday. Since Smile Politely won’t be publishing next Thursday and Friday due to Turkey Day, we’re taking the opportunity today to prime you for the start of the holiday shopping season next Friday. Just think: long lines at cash registers, even longer lines at stop lights on North Prospect, out-of-stock must-have toys, grumpy employees, kids on Santa’s lap, ad circulars … the most wonderful time of the year!

As you ponder blowing all that money you’ve been squirreling away for hours now on a gift for your sister’s husband, may we remind you, when appropriate, to shop locally-owned businesses first. Sure, you can get that copy of Settlers of Catan from the board game kiosk in the mall, but it’s probably cheaper at Dragon’s Table. And guess what, the line will be a heck of a lot shorter, too. Or, if you’re looking for an artsy gift that’s truly one of a kind, check out The Craft League’s annual art fair this Saturday and Sunday at the Urbana Civic Center.

But maybe you’ve just got to find the best deal on that FurReal Friends pony your niece so desperately demands. So share with us what gift is forcing you to pitch a tent this Black Friday.

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