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Introducing Ask Politely

Dear Reader,

Here at Smile Politely, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of this community. Sure, there’s always something new to learn and someone new to meet, but we have a pretty keen sense of what is what around these parts.

While we share our knowledge and opinions every week through our articles and SPlogs, we know that we have more to offer. We want to help you with your problems, big and small (well, from the distance of the computer screen, at least). It’s in the spirit of sharing that we’re starting an advice column.

Think of this advice column as a collaborative work of art between us, the smarty pants Managing Editors, and you, our needy readers. Having problems with your landlord, your roommates, or your significant other? Email us. Want to know where you should take your parents out for dinner, or rather, where they should take you out for dinner? Ask away. Anxious about seeing that old college friend you haven’t spoken to in years who is stopping through C-U on their way to somewhere else and would love to catch up but you’re not sure where to go because you don’t really feel like spending time with this person? We have some ideas. We’re here to answer anything and everything to the best of our abilities, and point you to the resources you can access here in C-U. We are not experts in medicine or mental health, but we are smart, thoughtful women who have some sense.

We will always publish your letters anonymously, and it is probably in everyone’s best interest for you to use fake names when writing in so your spouse, roommate, doctor, or asshole neighbor doesn’t know it’s you complaining about them.

You should also note that we won’t be able to answer your inquiries immediately, so don’t email us asking for advice about something happening in the next 48 hours. It’s our goal to publish this column monthly, but that could change depending on your needs and our schedules.

Send your letters to us at [email protected].


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