The Great ARTdoors,  a new collaboration between 40 North, the Spurlock Museum, the Urbana Park District, the Champaign Park District, and the Urbana Arts and Culture Program, has announced the ten artists and locations selected for the program's inauguration. 

Photo collage of the ten chosen artworks for the new Great ARTdoors project. Photo from Facebookl

Barry Abrahms | Tensegrity | MLK Trail | Champaign
EKAH | Points of View | Lierman Neighborhood Community Garden | Urbana
Greg Stallmeyer | Rainbow Connection | Kaufman Lake | Champaign
Ja' Nelle Davenport Pleasure | Seeds of Injustice | Randolph Street Community Gardens | Champaign
Keenan Dailey | Unchained | Douglass Park | Champaign
Kimsey Fitzgerald | Mother & Child | Chief Shemauger Park | Urbana
Lisa Kesler | Prairie Dance | Sunset Ridge Park | Champaign
Michael Darin | Catapult Earth | Anita Purves Nature Center | Urbana
Nathan Westerman | Transfiguration | Victory Park | Urbana
Sierra Murphy | Bread and Roses | South Ridge Park | Urbana

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Photos from Facebook