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A Carle Illinois student is finding the key to hair regrowth

Christian Guerrero-Juarez, a first year medical student at Carle Illinois College of Medicine, is part of a research team at University of California at Irvine that identified “the Scube3 molecule as the signal that can switch the body’s hair follicles from ‘dormant’ to ‘active’ mode, resulting in new hair growth.” This research opens the door to creating naturally occuring therapies for hair regrowth.

Their work was published in a journal called Developmental Cell, and now UC Irvine has filed a provisional patent for the process. Guerrero-Juarez is listed as co-inventor.

His next area of interest is researching skin stem cell biology and regeneration.

You can read more about the hair regrowth research at the Carle Illinois website.

Top photo from Carle Illinois College of Medicine website.

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