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A new face at Smile Politely Tech

Hello SPlog readers,

Some of you may recognize my name as being the author of a handful of articles here at Smile Politely. If so, thanks for reading! Perhaps you’ll be happy to note that in addition to writing articles, I’ll also be the acting head editor for the tech section.

I’d like to use this SPlog to introduce myself a little, to explain the vision I have for the Smile Politely Tech section, and (of course) to encourage you, fine reader, to consider helping me to realize that vision.

I’m a writer by trade; it pays my bills. On the side, I’m an editor/writer here at Smile Politely, and a co-editor for a literary genre fiction print magazine which I help run. However, I also have a background in the hard sciences, namely biology.

Due to my experience, I know that scientific writing can (if properly done, and to the right audience) be just as engaging and enjoyable to read as a novel. I’d like to expand the scope of Smile Politely’s Tech section to showcase some of that.

Of course we’ll still be publishing pieces on local businesses, events, and people, but I think that our adoring fans, you, might also like to see information about interesting and (perhaps) groundbreaking science being undertaken in the area.

To some extent, this is a lofty goal. However, I’m sure that with assistance from the people in this community, it can happen.

That’s where you come in. Would you like to write for the tech section? Do you know anyone who would? Do you have any good leads for articles? Do you have feedback? Is there something you’d like to see discussed?

Please take the time to contact us – we at Smile Politely are genuinely some of the nicest people.

Personally, I can be reached at: [email protected]

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to fresh faces and new ideas.

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