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And down goes Frosty (or YouTube video goes wrong)

A Champaign-Urbana MTD bus driver runs over snowman. Should he have been forced to resign? The question is: Save the bus driver or save the snowman? Here’s today’s story taken directly from the Huffington Post:

An unnamed bus driver in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois was forced to resign on Monday after running over a man standing in the lane of oncoming traffic.

A snow man, that is.

A YouTube video, which ABC reports was taken by students at the University of Illinois, shows the snowman blocking traffic on a quiet side street. One car stops, then slowly passes by the obstruction.

Then, along comes a bus, in the opposite direction. You can see the snow carnage for yourself.

The driver was clearly gunning for the snowman, swerving into the opposite side of the street to nail it. But in the days since his resignation, people have rallied for his reinstatement: over 4,000 people support the “Save the Bus Driver” Facebook page, which argues that he was “doing his civic duty by cleaning the obstacle.”

Watch the video, and decide for yourself:

Then, from the’s page, read what the former bus driver had to say about the snowman:

A bus driver hits a snowman in the middle of the street. Now he’s out of a job.

The former bus driver says MTD told him there could have been someone behind the snowman or something inside it.

But the bus driver says he saw two cars almost crash. In a snap decision, he decided to run it over.

The viral video of the event has gotten over 10,000 hits since it was posted Saturday.

You can see cars swerving around the snowman on the icy roads.
The bus driver says he passed through that street several times that day and saw kids making it.
He was afraid someone would get into an accident and decided to get it out of the way.

The MTD wouldn’t comment on the event.

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