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Apply to present at Pechakucha Night Vol. 26

The Champaign Urbana Design Organization is now accepting applications for their 26th Pechakucha Night, which will be on March 24th at the Virginia Theatre. Here’s what they say about potential presenters:

PechaKucha presenters come from a wide range of fields — activists, architects, artists, chefs, coolhunters, critics, designers, dreamers, entrepreneurs, fashionistas, historians, makers, photographers, and scientists, to name a few.

The most important thing about your PK presentation is that you love your subject matter. Though you will have only 6 min. and 40 sec. to deliver your final presentation, an ideal topic is one you could talk about for hours.

Pechakuchas are pretty cool to watch as presenters have 20 images and 20 seconds per image to discuss their topic. So even if you don’t present, you should still check it out, especially if it’s something you’ve never seen before. 

For more information or to apply now, click here.

Photo from CUDO website. 

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