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Art Remastered event at the Krannert Art Museum on February 23rd

The Krannert Art Museum will be hosting their Art Remastered event on February 23rd at 7 p.m. This event, which is meant to “break the quietness” of the museum, invites you to attend performances by local musicians who have composed music in reaction to pieces of art at the museum. These musicians were able to walk through the museum with Kamila Glowacki, the museum’s education coordinator and the organizer of Art Remastered. They selected the pieces that they were drawn to and have written something that fits their own style and genre of music in response. At the event, you’ll walk through the galleries with the musicians to their chosen piece of art, and they’ll perform alongside it, allowing you to “focus on the performances but still be looking at and engaging with the artwork, in kind of a unique way.”

Click here for a full article on how and why the event is coming together.

Here’s a breakdown of the musicians that will be performing, provided by Glowacki:

CJ Run
CJ Run is a singer, rapper, and songwriter whose influences include British hip-hop, RnB, and electronic music. CJ is best known for their engaging performances that give a voice to experiences and reflections that are both personal, yet relatable. Since moving here, CJ has become a huge part of the Champaign-Urbana music community, performing in local spaces ranging from the Pygmalion Music Festival to Girls Rock Camp benefit house shows.

Sharon Li
Sharon is best known for her role in Jarring, a band that is a staple in CU’s DIY music community and stay’s true to the emo roots in CU’s music scene history. Pulling away from the fuzzy, math rock riffs and heavy-hitting drums of Jarring, Sharon will be performing in a stripped down solo setting, showcasing her earnest voice and impactful lyricism.

Keegan Gulick
Keegan Gulick started out as a solo performer in the CU DIY music scene, but has since moved on to leading the charming lofi fuzzpop band Ghoul Jr. With the combination of the shy sweetness in Keegan’s vocals and lyrics as well as bouncing guitar riffs, Keegan’s performances will make you want to be his best friend!

Teddy Lerch
Teddy Lerch is a talented guitarist and songwriter whose mastery over several instruments and effects pedals gives him a palette of sound textures at his disposal. Teddy’s current projects include bands ZXO and Shazu, ranging from psychedelic and melodically intricate ambience to heavy sludge rock.

N. M. Garcia
N. M. Garcia’s gentle voice and gorgeous layers of harmony, guitar effects, and delicate melodies swirl together and leave listeners with the peacefulness and thoughtfulness of looking upon light playfully reflecting off of water. Garcia’s lofi sound increases its intensity in his other project, Windmills, with the addition of drums and loud guitars pairing with intriguing vocal melodies.

Olivia Tasch
Olivia Tasch is an acoustic folk songwriter and guitarist. The softness and subtle twang of Olivia’s voice creates charming and engaging songs about subjects that speak to the small town environment of central Illinois. Olivia is also a member of the Chickadee Sermon, a harmony-based acoustic folk band that utilizes delicate instrumentation.

And here’s the website and Facebook page for the event.

Photos taken by Veronica Mullen at Art Remastered at Krannert Art Museum, 2017.

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