Smile Politely

Artist David Spears made a maquette of post boxes, and it should be further displayed

I happened upon this the other day, endlessly doom scrolling through Facebook, and I thought it was great. I like things that meet the moment, honestly. The immediacy of art, in this time particularly, adds a quick slice of value for me. 

You can read about what is happening with the post office, even locally, here if you want. But you should know by now. It’s no secret what is happening. It’s sabotage and it’s literally happening in front of our faces. It is truly a radical moment. 

A photo of a small cardboard post box, with the name David Spears, written on it

Anyhow, David Spears continues to contribute to Champaign, and it’s welcomed and I am grateful. When I asked him about his plans for the piece, he said he’d like to find the actual boxes to use, but in the end, he wants to display it on a grand scale, at least right now. It is a shame there aren’t programs in place to offer assistance for our local artists when they get a great idea and work to put it to action. Perhaps someday soon, that will change. 

Photos provided by David Spears.

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