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Autumn Berry Inspired is done jamming — for now

A jar of Autumn Berry Inspired jelly is laying sideways in lush green grass. Photo from Autumn Berry Inspired's Facebook page.
Autumn Berry Inspired on Facebook

The Urbana jam company Autumn Berry Inspired is closing up shop after a decade of selling jams and jellies made from wild harvested autumn olive berries. The last jars of the company’s delicious jam can be found on the shelves of Common Ground, Harvest Market, and online.

Over ten years, Autumn Berry Inspired jam has played a part in menus all across Champaign-Urbana: on the morning bender sandwich at Cracked!, in Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery baskets, as part of Red Herring’s vinaigrette in the 2020 Artisan Cup & Fork, in chia pudding for Just BEE Acai, and more.

The owner of Autumn Berry Inspired may release small batches of the jam sometime in the future, but for now, he’s pursuing a new project: crafting with local Honeysuckle shrubs to make wooden toys.

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