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Azuki: Manga as a Bridge Between Cultures opens at University YMCA this week

A recent press release from the University Y shared the following preview of this new exhibit from Kofi Bazzell-Smith, which opens at the Murphy Gallery on Thursday, September 22nd.

“The exhibit is an action-comedy about Azuki, a little girl who is a Rock, Paper, Scissors champion. She is a bilingual manga that imagines Black potential in a world where race does not exist. Pitted against a cast of tough, male opponents, Azuki only plays scissors, but always wins — speculating Black girl magic in a world without impediments as the universe bends toward her will.”

A “US-Japan Bridging Scholar,” Bazzell-Smith will also speak at the Friday Forum + Conversation Cafe on Friday, September 23rd at noon in the University Y’s Latzer Hall. Get more information here.

Top image from the University Y’s website.

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