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Become one with cicadas at Museum of the Grand Prairie

A cicada sitting on a leaf
Museum of the Grand Prairie

In last week’s installment of the Weekender, our Editor-in-Chief Jessica Hammie highlighted the fact that you can go and look for cicadas in Lake of the Woods in Mahomet. At least, that was one of the places she mentioned, as cicadas aren’t really in Champaign-Urbana right now. We’ll see when they really start to take over, but until then, there’s this pretty interesting event happening at Museum of the Grand Prairie to talk more about their emergence and what they’re all about.

Cicada Quest is free, and you can just walk up and go to it, there’s no registration required, and runs from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Leaders of this event will talk about the Brood XIX and XIII cicadas in Central Illinois. For me, I don’t totally love them, but knowing they are harmless helps me show mercy on them, and you probably should too.

Museum of the Grand Prairie
950 N Lombard St

Executive Editor

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