Smile Politely

Bentley’s is hosting a clothing swap today

If you head over to Bentley’s between 3 and 9 p.m. today, not only can you enjoy a tasty beverage, you can also curate your wardrobe. They are hosting a Maker’s Monday Clothing Swap Pop-Up. Bring the stuff you (or your kids) aren’t wearing anymore — clothing and/or accessories — and swap it for something new. Here are the details from their Facebook event page:

There is no cover for the event and no charge to buy clothes. Men’s, women’s and kid’s clothes and accessories from any season are all welcome. Swap, don’t shop!

Please make sure everything you bring in is in good condition. That means no broken zippers, no stains, and nothing that has holes (unless it’s meant to have holes or something)
Please make sure all items you bring in are washed and clean
Please do not bring swimsuits, undergarments or socks
You must be 21+ to enter the bar and participate in the swap
If you have extra hangers, plastic bags or shopping bags that you want to get rid of or use to take clothes with you, bring them too!

Parking: Bentley’s only has four spots behind the bar and those are for our employees and tenants. So please park in the lot across the street, on the street nearby, or in the parking garage. Thank you!

Anything left over after the event will be donated. 

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