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BEST entertainment option: Harvest Moon Drive-In

From our BEST 2020 feature:

BEST entertainment option: Harvest Moon Drive-In

While I’ve long appreciated having a drive-in movie theater nearby (it’s possible I was involved in some high school hijinks that involved putting a smallish friend in the trunk to go see a movie there, so we could save… $5?) it has become a lifeline of entertainment this year. They’ve diligently followed pandemic guidelines, which — let’s face it — is an impressive feat in a rural community, and provided an option for a safe evening out. With new features on hold or going straight to streaming, they brought out a slew of classics. Typically we make it out to Gibson City once a season; this year we went five times, taking in flicks ranging from Shrek to Scream. It was great. (Julie McClure)

Top image by Julie McClure.

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