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Big Grove clarifies Mimosa-gate with grace

You might’ve been witness to some confusion that took place for the much-talked about bottomless mimosa brunch special by Big Grove Tavern that was circulating on Facebook over the past week. Bottomless mimosas? Uh, awesome, right? 

Well, it is awesome — though there was some slight confusion and some folks were a little upset, which is understandable. But really, this was just an honest mistake — not a malicious bait and switch. Let’s be real, folks. These are mimosas we’re talking about here.

Here’s the info from the Facebook event, linked above:

Dear Big Grove Tavern customers, we sincerely apologize for the confusion regarding our recent Facebook post about our Mimosa Bar Brunch. We take full responsibility for our mistake and we want to honor your expectations. For this weekend only we will offer our one-hour mimosa bar with the purchase of an entrée. Due to the Illinois state liquor laws, we cannot give any product away at zero cost. Therefore, for this Saturday and Sunday between 10:00am to 2:30pm with the purchase of an entrée you can enjoy our one-hour mimosa bar with four seasonal fruit mimosas for $1. We value everyone in our community and want to continue to uphold our values and our standards of service, especially to meet and surpass your expectations. We hope to see you all this weekend and in the weeks to come. Once again we apologize for any confusion caused by our excitement in posting about our new One Hour Mimosa Bar Brunch.

Here’s some more information, directly from Beckie Kane and Big Grove themselves:

For The Mimosa Bar’s premier weekend: (Feb. 6th-Feb. 7th)

With the purchase of a brunch entree guests are able to add the 1hr mimosa bar for $1. Our mimosa bar will feature several varieties of juices each week. Our staff will be circulating with mimosas and guests are welcome to try any of the flavors over the hour. The hr begins when the entree is ordered. 

Moving forward we will be offering our mimosa bar every Saturday & Sunday during brunch.

With the purchase of a brunch entree guests are able to add the 1 hr mimosa bar for $13. Again, there will be a variety of rotating juices available for guests to enjoy and our staff will be sure everyone’s glasses are full!

So yeah, let’s just take a deep breath here and appreciate the good things — like good food and booze. Hair of the dog is positive.

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