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Broadway Food Hall reveals first five food vendors… to the News-Gazette?

Between all the mugshots and bad news, the News-Gazette seems like a perfect place to learn about where you can finally get poké in C-U.

Broadway Food Hall is coming to Downtown Urbana soon, which we posted about after seeing a few posts on Facebook — that info didn’t come from a scoop or anything.

Posting about restaurant openings, new menus and additions, expansions (food trucks transitioning or moving to include brick-and-mortars), new locations, and announcements is a pretty fun part of putting the magazine together. Readers get pretty excited about these sorts of developments.

Anyway, they’re hosting their first public open house this Friday, December 1st, and in today’s column in The News-Gazette‘s non-existent Food + Drink section, they revealed the names and concepts of the first five food vendors that will be serving there. Broadway opens sometime after the 1st’s open house, though, this is just second hand reporting:

— King Kuma, run by Shai Mauth, features Hawaiian poke and sushi.

— La Royale, run by Rick Lun, sells breakfast items, typical diner fare and California-style hamburgers.

— Nation, also run by Mauth, is a modern deli counter that sells a variety of sandwiches.

— Muchacho, another Mauth product, offers Korean rice bowls.

— Sunny’s, run by Jenny Chen, is a counter restaurant that sells salads.

No menus or photos about the food or the vendors seem to be available, just some basic text on a webpage without much elaboration.

We’ll see how things shape up, and what that review looks like coming from The News-Gazette.

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