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BSA and LGBT Scouts

Your local Boy Scouts council can vote to end the organization’s ban on gay scouts. We need 25,000 people to speak up for inclusion and equality in the next seven days.

Tell your local BSA council to make the right decision at their meeting in May.

From the press release:

A few months back, the Boy Scouts of America considered lifting their ban on gay scouts and leaders when public outrage shined a spotlight on their discriminatory policies.

They’ll only end this discrimination if they know that public spotlight isn’t going anywhere.

This coming Tuesday, the Scouts’ Executive Committee will send out a resolution to the 300 local scouting councils on whether to allow gay scouts, which they’ll vote on at their annual meeting next month.

We need you to reach out to your local Boy Scouts Council today — especially if you or a family member has been involved in scouting — to tell them about the tremendous opportunity they have to help scouting live up to its values for all young people. We’ll deliver the letters on MONDAY.

You can help change one mind — and to shift one vote — at your local Boy Scouts Council.

Our goal is to be able to deliver 25,000 letters to local councils across the country by Monday so they have our letters in hand when the resolutions arrive from the Executive Council.

This vote is not just about an antiquated policy. It’s about sending a message of openness and inclusion.

Leaving the ban in place comes at too steep a price. It’s a price that will be paid by vulnerable young people — kids who need, above all, acceptance and love but who are instead met with rejection.

Your local council holds the power to help end this awful policy once and for all, and open the proud tradition of scouting to all.

Be one of the 25,000 voices speaking out against the ban in the next week. Send your message now, and be sure to ask friends and family to do the same on Facebook and Twitter.

These small changes, council by council, community by community — they’re building up to something truly powerful. Every day we take another step toward a future free of institutionalized discrimination — and your voice will help make that happen.

Thank you for taking the time to stand up for gay youth in your area and all across the country.

For more information, contact:

Jeremy Pittman
Deputy Field Director, HRC
Eagle Scout, Troop #175

Human Rights Campaign

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