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Buy local music on Friday when Bandcamp waives its revenue share on music sales

Earlier this week, Bandcamp announced they would be waiving their revenue share for music sales this Friday, March 20th from midnight to midnight Pacific Time. If you’ve had your eye on buying music generally through Bandcamp, this would be the opportune time to purchase something from any artist, as all of the funds will go directly to said artist on Friday.

While supporting artists is important, keep in mind there are a ton of acts in town that would really appreciate your support during this time, if you are able to do so. Basically all live music has been postponed for the time being, so there’s no earning there. 

I’ve put together a non-comprehensive list of a bunch of recent local album releases from the last year or so. This sale goes for all album sales, not just recent ones like I’ve listed below. Just know that no matter what you buy, this is what’s happening on Friday.

If you want to dive in even more, look no further than Bandcamp’s Urbana and Champaign tags. That’s how I find local music from time to time. Perhaps you can make someone’s day by buying one of their albums through Bandcamp, or even some merch from their website, or giving them a shoutout on social media. 

Did I miss one that you’d like me to add to this list? No sweat, just email us at [email protected] and I’m happy to add it. This list would go on forever if I kept going with local album releases.

Top photo from Bandcamp’s website

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