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C-U author Mike Trippiedi has a new novel, The Day Harry Caray Died

Screenshot of the cover of Mike Trippiedi's novel, The Day Harry Caray Died. It's a very close zoom in on the foam on top of a golden colored beer. The text is black.

Champaign-Urbana author Mike Trippiedi has released his second novel, The Day Harry Caray Died. Here’s the summary, per

Homeless alcoholic Glenn Campanella can’t get a break. With his uncanny resemblance to the famed announcer, Harry Caray, his path to sobriety is on a constant detour by strangers buying him liquor in exchange for singing, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

But when the real Harry Caray dies, Glenn Campanella’s downhill path spirals even deeper. He finds himself kidnapped by a serial arsonist and his on-again, off-again, stripper girlfriend. Together, this modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, hope to exploit their new discovery to the many mourners gathering at Chicago’s Wrigley Field. And the homeless man with the Harry Caray face, soon finds himself trapped inside a nightmare, on a direct collision course with his past.

The Day Harry Caray Died is a reckless ride through interracial love, baseball, abandonment, nursing homes, strip joints, the Catholic Church and the power of friendship.

Find the book on Amazon, or ask about ordering it from The Literary or Jane Addams.


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