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C.V. Lloyde moving from downtown Champaign

Per The News-Gazette, it looks like longtime downtown Champaign music shop C.V. Lloyde will take their storefront elsewhere. Here are some portions of the N-G article with basic information:

The store, at 102 S. Neil St., C, plans to sell off its inventory of musical instruments over the next two months and move to the Lincoln Commerce Center at 702 Killarney St., U, President Stephen Morris said.

Morris said his partner in the business, C.V. Lloyde, will retire from the company June 30. He is the fourth generation of the Lloyde family to operate the business, established in 1867.

Morris said he does not know what will happen with the building at 102 S. Neil St., which the company leases. The company occupies the first and second floors, with the retail store and customer service department on the first floor and the audiovisual business on the second floor.

No word on what might move in there, but interesting news to say the least.

UPDATE (5 p.m.):

Here’s some information posted on C.V. Lloyde’s Facebook page:

To all our loyal customers, friends, and fellow musicians….

C.V. Lloyde has proudly served this market for over 147 years…..and we plan to continue for as long as we possibly can! With these recent years, we’ve experienced substantial growth and expansion within the audiovisual markets segments we serve. This growth demands a more suitable location to support our warehouse needs, design, programming, and customer service support. Although we’ve truly enjoyed our South Neil location for nearly 50 years now, its time to prepare for the next phase which includes a move into our new facility at 702 Killarney in Urbana. In tandem with this exciting move….we are also celebrating CV’s leadership and endless dedication to all the customers he’s enjoyed serving for all these years. At the young age of 71, C.V. has decided to retire and in support of this we are retiring the musical instrument retail business as well. Our retail moving sale officially begins today April 1st and will continue through May 31st when we plan to officially move to Urbana. All inventory is priced to move…and move it will…and very fast. More details to come on the transition of our rental and customer service departments…which will remain as critical and priority areas of service offered at our new location as well. Be sure to take advantage of our moving sale….and thank you again for the decades of sharing your passion, your talents, and sheer love of music with us! …And to all of our audiovisual customers…we’ll see you soon in Urbana!

Respectfully yours,

Stephen Morris, CTS-D, DSCE

C.V. Lloyde
102 S. Neil
Champaign, IL 61820
(217) 352-7031
(661) 645-5161 mobile
[email protected]

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