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C-U Adventures in Time and Space is on the move

This weekend, Champaign-Urbana Adventures in Time & Space is doing a soft launch of one of their brand new adventures, the Revenge of the Cabin, and I am super excited about it. Some of our Smile Politely crew escaped the original a while back, and while I have enjoyed the others I’ve tried, it remains my favorite. Here’s what you need to know:

The new location, which is “soft launching” this weekend (October 19-20), is at 302 N. Broadway Ave, Suite 100 in Urbana — the former Gill Athletics building. CU Adventures will be taking over approximately 7500 square feet of office and warehouse space, allowing for escape rooms, a large workshop, and space for new, experimental projects.

“We’re so excited to be in the North Broadway area,” Anne said. “With the Station Theater and Broadway Food Hall as our neighbors, I think we’re really creating a new arts district here.”

Chris added, “The larger space is going to allow for new escape rooms that are going to be exponentially more impressive than our old ones. With the new space (and 3 years of experience in this business now), I’m really excited about what we’ll be able to do.”

A Grand Opening celebration is planned for early November. The Broadway Avenue location will soft launch with a sequel to their most popular game, The Cabin – aptly titled REVENGE OF THE CABIN. Inspired by films like The Evil Dead and Cabin in the Woods, the game will have an all-new set, all-new story, and all-new puzzles, so fans of the existing Cabin game will be able to return to challenge it once again. Coming soon: the long-awaited fantasy game THE WIZARD’S CURSE (an escape room inspired by works like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones), which will open in November.

While CU Adventures will keep its Race Street location open (so the games Artificial Intelligence and recent addition The Sword of the Dragon will remain available), they will be leaving their 123 W. Main St location in October. The Lost Temple, The Cabin, and Calling All Heroes are all in the process of closing.

You can book the new adventure or take advantage of your last opportunites at The “OG” Cabin, The Lost Temple, and Calling All Heroes here.

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