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c-u pARTners brings local artists and businesses together for creative crisis relief

c-u pARTners is a powerful example of what our community does best: collaborate to find creative solutions. This new hub facilitates partnerships between local artists and local business that produce unique products and packages that mutually benefit those involved. In a time when small businesses and self-employed artists are among the hardest hit, this creative collab is more than making lemonade out of lemons, it is providing emotional and financial support to the folks whose talent and expertise make this community great. 

Whether you want to show your support by shopping, or joining as a business or artist, you can find out more on the website or get updates from Facebook

Stay turned to the arts section where we’ll be following the progress of this inspiring initiative. 

Top image: Blue background with yellow silhouette of parts of the downtown Urbana and downtown Champaign skylines, with text about the partnership name and mission overlaid in white text. Image from c-u pARTners Facebook page

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