C-U Public Health District has been making Narcan kits — for use in counteracting an opioid overdose — available to emergency responders and loved ones of opiate users for a while, but now they are reaching out to all sorts of businesses throughout Champaign County to offer the kits up for those establishments. 

Narcan comes in the form of a nasal spray and is easy and safe to administer. This year they've more than 700 to area businesses, and while the kits are more likely to be used by first responders and those close to someone who's overdosed, having them on hand in a store or restaurant or hotel adds another layer of life-saving protection.

If someone wants training on how to administer Narcan, and how to know if someone is overdosing, they can do that at CUPHD. They can walk in during business hours and request it.

You can read more about opioid use and resources in our area in our editorial from February.

Top photo from CUPHD Facebook page.