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Can you restore better than the rest at ReStore?

A mini fridge cabinet sitting on a concrete floor with pinatas above it
Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Sometimes, when you watch YouTube a little too much, you think you can start to restore anything, any old piece of furniture you can find just to say you can do it. Well, those folks on YouTube that are doing that work are proving it, but have you ever proved that you can restore something pretty well and take pride in doing so? This is your opportunity to do it best and enter it in this challenge Habitat for Humanity ReStore is doing through this month. It’ll take some creativity but I bet deep down, you believe in yourself.

They’re accepting submissions now through May 17th, and there’s more information about what happens through the rest of the month as we approach June next at their Facebook event page. We look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Executive Editor

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