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Carrie Sue and the Woodburners make Rose Bowl debut

Three members of Carrie Sue and the Woodburners onstage performing. Upright bass player is on the left, singer/guitarist is in the middle and on the right and in the background is mandolin player.
Derrick Philips

Last night marked the debut of a brand new band, comprised of three friends who share a strong musical bond with one another. Despite their very direct ties to the venue and their plethora of experience on the Rose Bowl stage with various other musical acts, Carrie Sue and the Woodburners seemed genuinely excited to share their roots-inspired songs and perform together for the first time in their home base of Urbana.

Carrie Sue (Carrie Chandler, lead vocals/guitar) sang some of her original songs as well as songs that her bandmates and her (Charlie Harris on upright bass and Cody Jensen on mandolin) had written very recently. The audience, who were mainly there to see headliners Them Coulee Boys, were very receptive and appreciative of the new tunes and cheered as if they were the main act at times.

Singer Carrie Chandler of Carrie Sue and the Woodburners performing onstage. She is in a white sleeveless top and playing a guitar while singing into a mic. The band's mandolin player is in the background with a black shirt on, and playing his mandolin.
Carrie Sue and the Woodburners

The band played mostly played originals (including “Stepping Stones”, and an untitled tune that could be called “Leaves in Fall”), but the crowd enjoyed a cover of “Jolene”, by Dolly Parton,  belted out by Chandler’s powerful and captivating voice, as well as the saucy “Weed Instead of Roses” by Ashley Monroe. Chandler felt the need to point out that she did not write that song, but you can tell she very much enjoyed performing it, almost as much as the crowd enjoyed hearing it.

It’s obvious this trio has musical chemistry, and I look forward to seeing more of them in the coming months.

Music Editor

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