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Castle Finn’s “Deep Blue Wilderness” is psychedelic and dreamy goodness

Castle Finn, the psych-rock/roots/soul band, have just released a new track titled “Deep Blue Wilderness.” With the track title and cover art suggesting an underwater theme, the song’s production does capture that feeling, but it also manages to capture the other three earthly elements as well. It’s fiery, rooted and grounded, yet airy at times — the song feels balanced and in perfect harmony. 

The track also marks a change in production for Castle Finn. Previous studio work had been done solely by singer and songwriter Patrick Murphy. For “Deep Blue Wilderness,” we hear production work and performances from the rest of the band as well, including Noah Scott Larson, and Justin Zheng. 

Check out the track on Bandcamp below.

Top image from Castle Finn’s Facebook page. 

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