There's a new sushi bar and Japanese bakery open in Champaign, but you can only catch the new restaurant for lunch on the weekends right now. Run by Chef Ken Ishibashi, ISHI is a new restaurant in town operating out of the former Yellowfin location.

In addition to sushi, the new spot will also feature baked goods from Kaori's Oven. Here's a peek at the menu.

On a blue wall, a chalkboard with white chalk reads ISHI and Kaori's Oven with menu items listed below. Photo by Ken Ishibashi.Photo by Ken Ishibashi.

Currently, ISHI is operating with limited hours as they finish some final design elements. They will have an outdoor sign and website soon. You can find updates about the restaurant on the chef's Facebook page or visit the new restaurant on the weekends.

Take a look at some of the dishes ISHI has been making.

On a metal plate, there is a special dish from the new restaurant ISHI in Champaign. The dish is topped with lines of sauce and little microgreens. Photo by Ken Ishibashi.Photo by Ken Ishibashi.

Many slices of sashmi are arranged in a paper rectangular container with thinly sliced cucumbers in the middle. Photo by Ken Ishibashi.

Photo by Ken Ishibashi.

On a circular black tray, there are many pieces of sushi arranged artfully. Photo by Ken Ishibashi.Photo by Ken Ishibashi.

305 Cedar St
F+Sa noon to 4 p.m.
Su noon to 2 p.m.

Top image by Ken Ishibashi.