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Sweetmelk's Living Room EP is out now

Sweetmelk, Kenna Mae Reiss' project, has released a new EP, Living Room, which features three tracks you can buy/stream now on your platform of choice. Back in January, we posted about the title track and the video that accompanied it, which served as a bit of a teaser ahead of today's release. 

Stream the EP below:

Top image is Sweetmelk's album art.


Luke Bergkoetter releases music under new moniker Overachiever

Multi-instrumentalist and longtime scene musician Luke Bergkoetter has announced the release of a new project, Overachiever, which he recently recorded to a limited run of cassette tapes. His first release, Vol. 1: Man-Bat, is exclusively on tape, so if you want to hear it, you'll have to contact him for your copy. He won't be uploading it to any streaming services.

Bergkoetter's history in C-U spans pretty far and wide, performing and releasing music with fireflies, Take Care, Bookmobile!Withershins, Anna Kernina/Anna Karina, and more.

See his posts about the new album, which he goes into pretty great deal about, on Overachiever's Facebook page:

Top image from Overachiever's Facebook page.


Chasin’ Treezz release new self-titled album

Appropriately called Chasin' Treez, the hip hop collaboration between Chase Baby and Big Treezz has released its self-titled record. The album dropped late last week on new music release Fridays.

Because we're in the year 2021, and there are too many streaming options to choose from, these guys have done us all a favor and provided this link so you can have it your way.

Check out the album art (front and back) below, and enjoy some new tunes for your week.

Album art for Chasin' Trees, featuring a black background, and in the foreground, two faces popping out from the heads of two bodies. The eyes on each are missing.
Image by Boots Howard.
Album art featuring a black background, and text center aligned in white listing the songs.
Image by Boots Howard.

Top image by Boots Howard.


Listen to Mo’s track “The Lo Lo Song”

If you've ever been to a show at Canopy Club and/or attended Summer Camp, you'd probably recognize Mo on the security side of things. He recently released this track, "The Lo Lo song", which you can stream below. The song is just one of a few songs engineered by Tommy D. Daugherty who has worked with 2Pac, Dr. Dre, and many more. He recorded it with Willy Waldman in LA.

Mo isn't the only one in his family that can rap either — his daughter Klevah is one half of Mother Nature.

Top image provided by Mo.


Tune in to Mother Nature: Black Girl Genius Takes Center Stage on January 27th

To help celebrate the IMC's 20th anniversary, from 7 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, January 27th, Mother Nature will give a free (virtual) performance and then be in conversation with Blair E. Thomas. Titled “Black Girl Genius Takes Center Stage,” this hour-long event is free and open to the public.

You can stream the event online or on the radio

Top image courtesy of IMC.


HUM planning vinyl reissue of You'd Prefer An Astronaut and Electra 2000

2020 was a nice year for HUM, and it looks like 2021 has a few good things in store as well from the crew. They released their outstanding new record, Inlettheir first record since 1998, to critical acclaim. Now, the band plans to reissue some of their previous records, You'd Prefer An Astronaut and Electra 2000.

The announcement came today on their Facebook page, which you can read below. Though there is no release date for these reissues, they are in the works, says guitarist Tim Lash. The band reissued Downward is Heavenward a couple of years ago.

Hi all,
First off, the band sincerely appreciates all of the generous support and kind words we've received after releasing Inlet.  We're not the best at responding, but it means a lot.  So thanks again, from all of us!
Over the last few months, we've successfully navigated through some licensing stuff allowing us to re-release updated versions of Electra 2000, and You'd Prefer An Astronaut on vinyl.  Our plan involves re-mastering and cutting higher quality pressings of these two records.  Our hope is to do CD's as well if possible.  We'll post another update once we iron out all of the details on release dates, label, etc...  Since we've seen some inflated prices on the secondary market for our older records, we wanted to let people know as soon as possible.  If folks don't mind waiting a little longer, we'll be able to produce a higher quality pressing that we have control over, and are proud of.  We'll also have more copies of our Downward is Heavenward re-issue available in the near future as well. 
We hope you all are healthy and well, and 2021 turns out to be a little easier for everyone.  Take care.

Top image from HUM's Facebook page.


Sandman Slimm, formerly Truth AKA Trouble, releases new EP beautiful chaos

Dontiel Allison has a new name for his rap project: Sandman Slimm. You might recognize Allison, as he's been in the scene for quite some time releasing music as Truth AKA Trouble. Plus, there's his collaboration with Chase Baby as Trouble Chasin' to refer to as well if you want to check out his previous work.

Sandman Slimm's new EP, beautiful chaos, is a 16 minute release that you can stream now on your platform of choice. I've embedded it here via Bandcamp, but head over to the LinkTree page to steram where you wanna stream.

Sandman Slimm's album art for beautiful chaos, a predominantly pink background and an illustration in the center.
Album art from Sandman Slimm's Bandcamp.

Top image by Sandman Slimm.


Listen to this D&D podcast made by two C-U kids

Gabrielle and Genevieve Thomas, two kids in Champaign-Urbana, have put together a Dungeons & Dragons podcast called Centaur Party. The kids (and their dad) play the game in the Mythic Odysseys of Theros Campaign setting. From the description:

Join centaurs, June and Lama, as they explore the Wild Woods and resist the encroaching colonization of the City of Stratos.

I admittedly do not really understand that particular combination of words, but if you are in the know, then you know. Gabby and Evie are exceptional hosts, and with the help of their co-host/producer dad Grant, they take you through the game with humor and wit and a joie de vivre we all need.

Four photos in a quadrant feature twin girls making podcast. In some of the quadrants they are looking at the camera, in others they are not. They are seated at a big table with microphones and papers and dungeons and dragons style dice. Photo courtesy of Grant Thomas. Photo courtesy of Grant Thomas.

Episodes are about 30 minutes long, and there are currently nine available, with more to come.

Give the pod a listen, and as they say in podlandia, subscribe and leave a review.

Top image screenshot from the Centaur Party Apple podcasts page.


Mermaid Heaven releases new track “The Thorn”

Indie synthpop outfit Mermaid Heaven released a new song, "The Thorn", via their Bandcamp page over the weekend. You can stream it now below, as well as check out their post on Instagram which teases a new video is coming soon.

Read our interview with Elizabeth Allen about the project from last July, though certainly there looks to be much more on the horizon now that 18 months have passed since our chat with her. 


the thorn out on bandcamp video 2 come #hashtag #music #imesseduptgefirstpostsmh

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Top image by Anna Longworth.


Warm Darn's new album Take the Pain is out now

The experimental pop/ambient project Warm Darn has released a new record, Take the Pain, which you can stream below. Released just this past Friday, this is Warm Darn's follow-up (though there was an EP in between) to last year's full-length record, Word Search (which you can read more about here). Head over to Bandcamp to learn more about the album and what went into its creation.

Top image is Warm Darn's album art.

Check out Big Wild House Party, a new C-U label for house, hip-hop, and bass music

Big Wild House Party is a new record label, created by Matt Harsh, Kevin Miller (aka DJ Belly), Zack Ware, and Adam Jackson. They have their focus set on house, hip-hop, and bass music through their new label, which features a few releases already (as of September 24th, at least). You can check out a few of the releases below via YouTube, but be sure to head over and see what they are doing on Facebook, Instagram, and elsewhere (which you can find on their Facebook page).

Interested in reading more about another new label in C-U? Read up on Failed Poem Records while you're at it. It's nice to see a few of these pop up during such an uncertain time.

Top image from Big Wild House Party's Facebook page.


Listen to Voldrega the Black Mage's new EP, Hold This L

Voldrega the Black Mage is a rapper in C-U, and he just released his new EP at the end of August, Hold This L, which you can stream below. This is a collaborative EP, produced by The Letter L Beats and mixed and mastered by Humbly G. Black Mage placed second in the recent Champaign Cypher Series tournament, falling to Chase Baby in the Championship bout. Chase Baby recently released an EP of his own, produced by Curb Service.

Check out Hold This L on your platform of choice.

Album art for Hold this L, featuring a gold edging border, and a person wearing a purple wizard outfit, holding a doll in front of the camera. PHoto provide by Artist.
Album art provided by artist.

Hold This L:

  1. Earthbound
  2. Main (Player Two) ft. $oJo DaPoet
  3. Black Magic ft. KD
  4. Blue Moon ft Indigo Pipez
  5. Pyramids

Top image by Robert K Recordings.