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Gerard named ‘Musician with Political Cred’ by MTV

And he's in good company, as the other members of the "Hive Five" all hold or held some sort of national office.

Don Gerard is just a mayor, but as Barack Obama proved, little-known Illinois Democrats can go on to do big things. Should this bassist and drummer decide to run for state or federal office, he would do well to campaign behind the Moon Seven Times, the not-half-bad dream-pop group he played with back in the ‘90s.


Hum reuniting again

Per Mission Control (via BrooklynVegan), Hum are playing Champaign on September 9th.

"Matt Talbott tells me there's some Hum shows coming this fall! I don't have all the details yet, but here's what I know: there will be one on September 10th, and it won't be in Champaign. A show in Champaign is possibly going to be planned for September 9th, and they are playing Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX in November."

Zero Percent Champaign makes its debut

This is an interesting idea. A new Facebook page called Zero Percent Champaign is positing that we can help reduce food waste locally by buying up what might end up as unused food at local restaurants.


Papa Dels on Green St: 9 Mushroom, 9 Cheese, 12 Sausage, 26 Pepperoni pizza slices for 50% off ($1.13 - $1.40). 30 min left!

Mandarin Wok on Green St: $8.99 for large portion of General Tso's Chicken, until 4pm.

Conceptually, I like it a lot. I just want to know more about it. So, I will try to do just that.