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Follow Andrew Pritchard’s storm chasing adventures with SKYDRAMA 2021

Chambana Weather meteorologist and Smile Politely contributor Andrew Pritchard just released SKYDRAMA 2021, a three hour video compilation of supercells and tornadoes captured by Pritchard during his storm chasing excursions over the past year. 

He traveled to Texas, Kansas, and Iowa, and found some film worthy weather events here in Central Illinois as well. The film is part commentary and part stunning time-lapse videography. Check it out below!

Top photo by Andrew Pritchard.

Brad Underwood was on Hot Ones this weekend

Coach Brad Underwood appeared on Hot Ones this weekend to chat about the 2021-2022 basketball season while eating super spicy wings. The episode was filmed back in August, when host and U of I alum Sean Evans came back to campus to meet with the coach and attend the football game against Nebraska. Hot Ones is a First We Feast series, one of several including Pizza Wars, The Burger Show, Burger Scholars Sessions, Hungry For More, and Snacked.

Here is the episode:

Top photo from First We Feast Twitter.

A U of I pre-med student is researching brain health in veterans

Fifth year pre-med student Elizabeth Spurlock conducts research with Aaron Anderson, the assistant director of the Biomedical Imaging Center, on the brain health of those who have served in the military. Veterans are disproportionately affected by traumatic brain injuries.

The research is a collaboration between Beckman Institute and the Chez Veterans Center at U of I.

Listen to Spurlock share more about her work:

Top photo from Chez Veterans Center Facebook page. 

A grad student from U of I was on Jeopardy this week

Samantha Wells, a Master of Social Work student at U of I, was on Jeopardy this week. When guest host Mayim Bialik did the usual contestant conversing, Wells had the opportunity to promote Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 


A post shared by Jeopardy! (@jeopardy)

This isn't the first time a person with C-U ties has been on Jeopardy. In fact, on this episode, Wells' competitor Matt Amodio surpassed the 2nd best winning streak on the show, surpassing U of I alum James Holzhauer. She also joins Pranjal Vachaspati, Seth Wilson, and Anne Lukeman in the "C-U people who've been on Jeopardy" club.

Top screenshot from Instagram. 

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Call off work and watch the new music video from Longbirds

Skate-punk band Longbirds have released a new song titled "Calling Off" as well as an accompanying music video. The song is an ode to self-care, urging the listener to call off of work, put some records on, take off your underwear, and just chill out.

Check out Longbirds on Bandcamp, and check out the music video for "Calling Off" below.

Top photo from Longbird's Facebook page. 

I don’t know much about what’s going on here, but I like it

Summer is an interesting time in Champaign-Urbana. While there aren't many students around, there are definitely some that spend time here. For example, these students, doing things like reenacting General George Washington's infamous boat trip across the Delaware in 1776 in the Boneyard Creek along the Engineering Quad at U of I.

Yes, you read and saw that right. That's what they are doing here, but I'm not totally sure why, but honestly I don't really care, because this is funny and doesn't really need a reason. You got a canoe? Please use it to do things like this and share it with the rest of us, like they did in the UIUC Memes for Spitposting Teens Facebook group I became part of not too long ago. There's some good stuff in there.

Bonus points for canoeing on the actual Quad in the grass. Bravo!

students in a canoe on the quad reinacting george washington crossing the delaware.

Photo by Dylan Lim.

Top image is a screenshot from the video.


A bookstore and wine bar is coming to Downtown Champaign

Downtown Champaign will soon be home to a new bookstore and wine bar called Lit: Books & Bar. The shop will open in the space where Hank's Table used to be. 

The bookstore and bar will serve coffee, pastries from Hopscotch, wine, beer, 0% ABV, small plates, and desserts. Lit is currently under construction, and no opening date has been announced at this time.

Check out this video from Lit's Instagram page.


Lit: Books & Bar
122 Neil St

Top image taken as a screen capture from Lit Books & Bar's instagram video.

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Meyer Produce knows how make a mojito with fresh mint

These hot days call for a cold cocktail. Why not add some fresh herbs from a local farmer's garden? Molly Oberg from Meyer Produce shared a reel on the farm's Instagram account showing how to make a mojito using fresh mint.

Oberg tells you what you need to make the drink and shows how to muddle the mint. She even says the Bacardi is optional, so those of you wanting a refreshing drink without the booze can still enjoy a fresh beverage with mint from a C-U garden.

You can find Meyer Produce at both the Urbana Market in the Square on Saturday mornings and the Champaign Farmers' Market on Tuesdays from 3 to 6 p.m. Check out our Market Watch column for updates on the farmers' markets.

Meyer Produce

Top image from Meyer Produce's Instagram account.