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Check out these weekly updates with Elizabeth Hess and Julie Pryde

Every week, Urbana Public Television posts a video update hosted by Elizabeth Hess, where she talks to C-U Public Health Director about the latest COVID-19 updates. They are short, factual, and give small bites of important information. This week's installment is all about masks. You can follow UPTV on Facebook to find each week's videos. 

Photo from CUPHD Facebook page. 

Enjoy a performance by Sinfonia da Camera today

Krannert Center's chamber orchestra, Sinfonia da Camera, is sharing some of their performances from the season on YouTube so the community can hear them either for the first time, or enjoy them again. 

Here they are performing Antonín Dvořák, Symphony No. 8 in G major, Op. 88, if you need a little classical music in your life today. You can find more gems on their YouTube channel

Photo from Sinfonia da Camera Facebook page. 

Check out this video of 2020 U of I Dance grads

Dance at Illinois has been sharing #distancedances on social media since late March, and they've been fantastic.

To mark the end of their time in school, the 2020 University of Illinois Dance graduates put together a three and a half minute video, "and so we go," and it's beautiful and fun and charming.

Check it out here:

Top image screenshot from Dance at Illinois' Instagram Page.


You can take a video tour of the International Prep Academy construction plans

International Prep Academy is one of the Unit 4 Schools getting a new building as part of the 2016 referendum. The district has created a video tour of the plans, so that the public can view and offer feedback. 

You can share your thoughts through this online form or by calling 217-351-3995 by May 22nd. 
Image from Champaign Unit 4 Schools Facebook page.

Watch Mayor Marlin’s Mother’s Day message to truly see her humanity on display

Maybe you love Mayor Marlin, maybe you don't. Perhaps you didn't like that one thing she did that one time, or the way she responded to another. Perhaps you feel she was the model of maturity in the face of this vote, or that one. Maybe you knocked on doors for her, maybe you voted for her opponent.

Regardless, you should watch this video and be reminded what it means to be an elected leader in the face of a deeply difficult moment for all of us: 

I live in Champaign, so she's not technically my Mayor, but I did grow up in Urbana, so I feel a long lasting kinship to the first city in the area. Fortunately, we have a great one too in Champaign; Mayor Feinen consistently delivers in this way for us, and I am grateful for her as well. 
But here's the truth: I need my elected officials to be human with us right now. I want to see them be real with us. At a time when we can't depend on our President or Vice President or literally just about anyone in their den of thieves to just tell the goddamned truth, or level with us in ways that give us comfort, this Mother's Day message from Mayor Marlin genuinely hit the spot. It was appreciated. 

Watch Whitney Sage's Complex Territory artist talk on YouTube

Months ago, when I visited the Complex Territory exhibition, Whitney Sage's work fascinated me. I was struck by her take on the human and psychological aspects of changing residential landscapes. But I missed her artist talk, and, didn't make it back to Giertz Gallery before it closed due to COVID-19. When Parkland released a video of Sage's talk, I was grateful that one small pandemic-related regret could be righted. Join me in watching this installment of "For Art's Sake" on Parkland College's YouTube channel.

Top image: Still photo from Whitney Sage's artist talk on Parkland College's "For Art's Sake" video series. Still photo from YouTube.


Enjoy this WILL Giving Tuesday video featuring former SP Editor John Steinbacher

Giving Tuesday was earlier this week, which was created to encourage giving back to organizations in communities, especially in times like these. Former Smile Politely Music Editor John Steinbacher is the Membership Coordinator at WILL, and if you haven't done so already, please enjoy this funny video of he and his two kids as he promotes giving back to Illinois Public Media for Giving Tuesday.

Steinbacher does these videos from time to time, and they are always a real treat, and while I don't have kids, I can certainly believe that this sums up what a lot of parents are navigating during this COVID-19 stay at home order. The face palm sums it up nicely. Sure, this is a bit over the top (or is it, parents out there?), but well done, so tip of the cap as always for this.

Top image is a screenshot from the video.

We bet you can’t watch this CU Sing a Song Sing-Along video without smiling a whole lot

A ton of organizations helped make this CU Sing a Song Sing-Along possible, and there's an amazing video montage featuring a ton of submissions from community members that was released today. I will reiterate what I mention in the title, which is: I have a hard time believing watching this video won't bring a huge smile to your face.

Check it out:

Top image from the video.


Deke Weaver's WOLF now available on Vimeo

Two weeks ago, I shared that you could watch Deke Weaver's ELEPHANT for a limited time on Vimeo. ELEPHANT is still available for a few more days, and you can now watch WOLF. Both are part of Weaver's life-long Unreliable Bestiary project.

WOLF was staged in 2013 at Allerton Park. Like the rest of Weaver's work, WOLF is moving and beautiful and tragic and hopeful. All of Weaver's work is well worth your time (he's the BEST Artist of the Decade, in our opinion), so make a point of watching these performances this week.

You can read our 2013 review of the performance here.

Top image screenshot from Deke Weaver's WOLF.


Nick Offerman read a bedtime story for C-U last night

While we've been under this stay-at-home order, Chambanamoms has had various members of the C-U community share bedtime stories on their Facebook page. They went just a bit outside that formula with last night's storyteller, and had Nick Offerman, actor and U of I alum, take over the job. 

Yesterday was Children's Day at Japan House, so it was fitting for Offerman, who studied under previous Japan House director Shozo Sato, to end the day by sharing a traditional Japanese story. 

You can listen here:

Photo by Emily Schur.

Prairie Fruits Farm’s Instagram feed is getting me through each day

It's the little things, right? And those little things right now are very short Instagram stories and very little baby goats.

I mentioned PFF's IG feed in our last Weekender (we're on hiatus, since, you know, there are no more weekends), but it's worth repeating again.

Whoever is running the feed: Thank you. You are doing a fantastic job, and I am here for your humor. I can't really express just how much joy I experience when I see those weird little faces on my phone screen.

Here's one of my favorites; turn your sound on:


Hope you are having a fabulous day. Cuteness alert>>sound on. #happywednesday #cutenessoverload #howyoudoing #hello

A post shared by Leslie Cooperband (@prairiefruitsfarm) on

If you're not on IG, it's worth making an account just so you can follow Prairie Fruits Farm. If you are on IG, this is a must follow.

Looking for more ways to support our beloved goat farm? Order some cheese or merch online, or head to Urbana's Market in the Square to purchase goodies on Saturdays.

Top image screenshot from PFF's Instagram page.