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Worth Sharing: The McGangBang sandwich

Following in the very large footsteps of the Ghetto Big Mac (video below) is the McGangBang, the newest fast-food craze to sweep the internet.  For $2.16, you too can create a sandwich that includes a full McChicken inserted into a double cheeseburger

Now, not to be outdone by other anonymous people on a message board, the folks at NeoGAF have taken to making different variations including a Chick-Fil-A inside of an In-N-Out burger, or, my personal favorite, a Wendy's Chicken inside of a Baconator. This thread is hilarious not only for the pictures of all of the "gang banging," but also for its many hilarious Xzibit memes. 



Agent Orange inventor Monsanto Inc. strikes a deal with UIUC

What if I told you that the company that invented Agent Orange, artificial sweeteners, Posilac (milk-cow/bovine growth hormone), GMOs, etc. was coming to Champaign to enlighten us about their new "green revolution?"

Well, it doesn't much matter because Monsanto Inc. are coming, whether you like it or not. With branches in nearly fifty countries and a monopoly on all goods genetically altered or modified, their goal is to con people into believing their global domination of food production is good with million dollar PR campaigns.

The above trailer is for the documetary, "The World According to Monsanto." Once you've watched it, the rest is available, broken into parts, on YouTube. 


A quick look inside the Assembly Hall

I'm always amazed by the number of University of Illinois students that I meet who have never stepped inside the Assembly Hall. So, if that includes you, here's a nice view of the spaceship from the inside (specifically, upper C section). This was filmed at last year's home loss to Michigan State, the team's 18th loss of the season. This Sunday, the 2008–09 Illinois team hosts the Spartans as it attempts to avoid its seventh loss of the year.


It’s story time — with Bobby Jindal!

Pardon me, but I thought I'd at least get come cookies and milk with this wasted 12 minutes of my life. If the GOP thinks that this is their answer to Barack Obama, then they might have to get up a little earlier in the morning. This, simply stated, is a joke.


Worth Sharing: Josh Freese's new album Since 1972 ... and um ... more

Welcome to Worth Sharing. This is where we'll share what we think is some of the best of what is out there on the internets beyond C-U.

Up first, your chance to buy the new record by Josh Freese, session drummer extraodinaire and current member of A Perfect Circle, Devo, and The Vandals. He has also performed with Sting, Nine Inch Nails, Paul Westerberg, Ween, and more.

Needless to say, he is a rockstar.

But check out your options for buying his new album entitled, Since 1972. This is worth sharing.

Watch the video here:


Some “Tesla” music I am down with

How did I miss this? These two Tesla coils are being controlled using something called a "Lippold Haken Continuum Fingerboard," some sort of Midi device under the control of local musician/engineer Mark Smart. This March 7, 2008, performance was part of an open house for the university's College of Engineering. The next time someone tries something this crazy on campus, please let Smile Politely know so that we can publicize it.

Here's a lengthier cut of the song, if interested.

Here's the full breakdown on the musical side of things, taken from the YouTube page. "Tesla coils were used to create musical pitches via a control system designed by university student Steve Ward. Two coils were used. The right coil is playing a prerecorded Midi track, acting as the bass, and the left one is performed live as a lead sound via the Continuum fingerboard. The Midi track as well as additional audio backing tracks were played via Cubase running on a Open Labs Neko workstation."


Braid plays to a lame crowd

Here's an old video of Braid playing on the University of Illinois campus, but we can't tell where. (Can you?) Our guess is this footage is from 1998, when the "Please Drive Faster" single came out on Polyvinyl. What's up with the crowd ... sitting down?

See a couple more from this set here.