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Teen Support & Information Program at the Champaign Public Library

Part support group, part information session, part “how the heck do you find that?!” session, the Teen Support & Information Program seeks to help teens with type 1 diabetes bridge the divide between managing and living with a chronic illness through support and common sense research skills.

The program takes place Monday evenings from 7-8:30 in the Robeson Pavilion Meeting Room A at the Champaign Public Library. While the program has been designed for youth with type 1 diabetes, ALL teens entering in, enrolled in, or leaving high school are welcome! Many of the topics covered are universal and not specific to type 1 diabetes or other chronic illnesses.

Session topics include self-care and social relationships alongside more obvious topics like insurance. Dori Puracchio of Carle Endocrinology has helped advise on the presentation of medical information to make sure any information we provide is factual. You can read more about our team and sessions on the TSIP website.

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