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Champaign votes to establish police review subcommittee

According to The News-Gazette, the Champaign City Council unanimously voted last night to establish a subcommittee whose role it is to look into complaints about the police.

This comes after years of negotiation, with the final number of committee members landing on five, and open to everyone, including convicted felons. Those interested in applying should keep their eyes peeled on the City of Champaign’s website here.

The Champaign Police Department could use the help of civilian oversight if recent events are any indication. Abusive officers (Matt Rush, etc.) have been allowed to stay on the force, even when their use of excessive force is well-documented. This summer, an officer without a body cam “slipped,” and shot an unarmed suspect in the shoulder in North Champaign.

For more info, read the full News-Gazette piece here.

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