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Channing-Murray Foundation and Red Herring are serving others with the Bucket Brigade

This week, we shared about Red Herring’s Meal Club, a new option for ordering food and supporting a local business. They’ve also been busy collaborating with the Channing-Murray Foundation to help those in the community who are suffering most right now.

Through the Bucket Brigade, they are providing essential groceries and supplies, as well as some prepared meals to extremely low-income families identified by the staff at the Cunnigham Township Supervisor’s Office. They working to expand to Champaign Township as well.

If you are interested in donating, you can do so at Red Herring’s website. From Channing-Murray Executive Director Emily McKown:

Your contributions will be considered a part of a local movement, to provide aid, to be courageous, and to choose a spirit of generosity over scarcity.

We are a strong, resilient community. Channing-Murray has been C-U’s home for social justice programming over many years, and now there is no better time to put our values into action!

Photo from Red Herring Facebook page.

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