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Charles Wisseman featured as Boneyard’s 2016 Signature Artist

40 North has recently released their new Artist at Work video, this one featuring this year’s Boneyard Arts Festival Signature Artist Charlest Wisseman.

Charles Wisseman is the 2016 Boneyard Arts Festival Signature Artist! Charles Wisseman, now retired, practiced pathology and taught medical students at Carle Hospital. Hands-on art activities now fill his time including repairing books at the U of I library, making handmade papers for the Rare Book Library’s Soybean Press, and taking workshops at CU Woodshop, U of I, Parkland College, and several craft schools. Charles has shown his work in several galleries including exhibitions at Giertz Gallery at Parkland College, Springer Cultural Center, as well as regionally.

Charles combines wood, steel forgings, ceramics, handmade papers, alternative photo processes, and other materials into mixed media sculptures, books, and boxes. He greatly enjoys the variety of mixed media art and completely fills his home with tools and collected materials, except for space claimed by his wife, Sarah, for painting and writing.

More of Wisseman’s work can be seen at

More about the peice: “Bones and Things” is a panel composed of cross-sections of bones, antlers, sticks, and other materials embedded in an epoxy matrix. This piece suggests the complex and dense patterns of cells in cross-sections of biologic materials that a doctor might see through the microscope.

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