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Check out this rendering of Midtown Plaza, coming in 2018

Earlier this year, Midtown Champaign appeared to be getting a major facelift with a new multi-use development by University Group, which was later endorsed by the City of Champaign a few months back. Now courtesy of the City of Champaign’s Facebook page, they’ve posted one of the renderings of what the area will look like:

Here’s some info from the Gazoo about the space:

The development, which will span the east side of First Street between Springfield Avenue and White Street, includes two buildings with commercial space on the bottom floor and one- and two-bedroom apartments on the upper floors, with a plaza lane adorned with terrace overhangs, plants and outdoor seating between them.

Van Buskirk confirmed the project’s finalized specifics: 32,000 square feet of commercial space, 104 upper-story apartments, 103 off-street parking spaces and 19,000 square feet of publicly accessible open space. There will also be two spaces for bike parking in the plaza lane.

These things take time, and there are many, many moving parts — so this won’t come until sometime in 2018, it appears. Take a look back at the $95M development proposed for Downtown Champaign while you’re at it.

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