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Check out this TikTok video about Page Roasting Company

Visit Champaign County has a TikTok now to highlight cool things about C-U. You don’t need the TikTok app to enjoy this new video about how Page Roasting Company roasts coffee. 


Page Roasting Company owner and operator Erin Erdman takes us through the coffee roasting process ☕️ ##visitchampaign ##coffeeroaster ##coffeeroutine

♬ Buttercup – MixAndMash

Want to learn even more about Page Roasting Company? Read our interview with owner Erin Erdman from last year.

So far, Visit Champaign County’s TikTok account has only three videos uploaded: this new one about Page Roasting Company, one about The Vault Art Gallery in Tuscola, and this one about Babies and Brunch at Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery. Follow Visit Champaign County on TikTok here.

Top image taken as a screen capture of Visit Champaign’s TikTok video.

Food + Drink Editor / / instagram

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