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Check out this very informational website about cannabis in Illinois

Illinois News Joint is a new website that recently launched to help all of us navigate the new waters of legal recreational marijuana in Illinois, with a specific focus on central and southern Illinois. From their “About” page, they are: 

“A small group of dedicated news people with a passion for the cannabis industry and how it relates to Illinois. ILNJ is committed to providing the most informative resources for news, business, culture, reviews, and more about Illinois’ cannabis industry.”

Kind of like a Smile Politely…but for weed. 

There’s a lot of information to ingest (pun a little bit intended) regarding the new law, and a not small amount of misinformation floating around, so I’m thinking this is a good resource to keep bookmarked.

Top image: A close up of a cannabis plant. Photo by Jennifer Martin via Wikipedia Commons.

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