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Check out this video about performing MRIs on bearded dragons

This short video from the Beckman Institute and the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois features professor and vet Dr. Krista Keller discussing a study to create an atlas of bearded dragon brains.

Bearded dragons are the most common pet lizards. Apparently they like to watch TV and chill and maybe take a dip in a pool (you know, a small tub of water, not, like, a chlorinated in-ground). For reptiles, they’re kind of cute? I digress.

Anesthetizing tiny creatures with tiny brains is not easy, so it can be hard to diagnose illness and disease and grab images of the brain. Dr. Keller is working on fixing that.

This four minute video is very informative, and will definitely give you some fun facts to share with your spouse/parents/kids/friends.

Top image screenshot from the YouTube video.


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