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Cheese & Crackers Order List

Have you signed up for the pre-order list at Cheese & Crackers yet? You must get on this fish list.

Here’s how it works: owner Bart Basi sends you an email with a list of the delicious fresh fish, cheese, steaks, and bread he’s picking up in Chicago (prices indicated in the email). You respond with how many pounds of an item you’d like to purchase. Bart goes to Chicago where he picks up these items, then drives back here so that you can pick up your lovely order. 

The fish is sourced from Fortune Fish, which supplies seafood to most Chicago fine-dining establishments and Whole Foods in the Midwest. 

If you’re going to eat seafood in the middle of the Illinois, this is how to do it. Sign up here

Cheese & Crackers is located at 1715 W. Kirby Avenue, Champaign (Old Farms Shops). You can reach them at (217) 615-8531. 


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