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City of Urbana ward map will soon undergo redistricting

A ward map of City of Urbana, split into grids and various colors
City of Urbana

The City of Urbana is soon to undergo redistricting due to the 2020 Census (here’s more about the need for a Partial Special Census, too) and the need to adjust the boundaries of the wards. Here are the finalist maps. Do you live in Urbana and have something to say about it? Here are the current wards. As you’ll read below, there’s an opportunity to weigh in and email the city to voice your opinion.

From the City of Urbana’s website:

City Council Ward boundaries must be adjusted to reflect the Census 2020 population count and to rebalance the population among the seven wards. This redistricting must be completed before the November 2024 petition filing deadline for the April 2025 municipal election. A new map is scheduled to be selected by  the Urbana City Council in early June 2024.

After receiving nine maps through an open submittal process utilizing the Dave’s Redistricting website, three finalists have been selected for further review and consideration. Members of the public are invited to provided their propsectives and feedback concerning the proposed finalists. The maps can be viewed in the attachment below. Please email comments to [email protected] by Friday May 24.

The current ward map may be found here.

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