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City of Champaign is working on Garden Hills infrastructure projects

Per an article in The News-Gazette, the City of Champaign is making progress on some of the infrastructure projects in the Garden Hills neighborhood. 

We all want these changes to happen quickly, but it’s promising that money has been allotted and some items have been put into motion. 

According to The N-G, “The city council approved nearly $2.4 million for an engineering contract with Clark Dietz, Inc., to assist the neighborhood’s drainage revamp and lighting improvements at its Nov. 16 meeting.” The article went on to quote Mayor Deb Feinen: 

“We approved American Rescue Act Plan money toward (Garden Hills) infrastructure, it’s a long process when you’re talking about giant infrastructure projects,” she said. “We’ve put about $2 million toward engineering, we also put in additional money for the SLEEP program which is basically helping to pay for yard lights and video doorbells in houses to get some lighting and security in the neighborhood.”

Top photo by Jessica Hammie.


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