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Cloud Mountain Kombucha won gold (twice!) at the inaugural Kombucha Kup

Cloud Mountain Kombucha has won gold at the inaugural Kombucha Kup for their Autumn Mary (fruited category) and Lemon Balm Ginger (ginger/spice category) flavors.

Cloud Mountain Kombucha opened in Lincoln Square Mall about six months ago.


Last weekend I finally stopped by the brewery and sampled a flight (four 4oz pours; $6). I was really impressed. I didn’t sample the Lemon Balm Ginger, but I did try the Autumn Mary (autumn berries, celery juice, celery root, peppercorns, white currant). I was hesitant at first because I do not care for Bloody Marys and I really, strongly, very much dislike celery. I’m so glad I tried it because it was my favorite of the four. It was among the most interesting food/drink items I’ve had in a very long time. It was well balanced, not too sweet or acidic, and not too celery-forward.

If you like or are interested in trying kombucha, go forth to Cloud Mountain, and read our recenet review here.

Cloud Mountain Kombucha
300 S Broadway
Lincoln Square Mall
T-Sa hours vary; check schedule online

Top image by Jessica Hammie.


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