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Collective Pour coming to Downtown Champaign

Collective Pour, a new bar at 340 N Neil Street in Downtown Champaign, is set to open later this summer. Does this sound familiar or redundant? It should.

Earlier this year we shared the news that The Brass Tap, a Florida-based bar chain, was opening Downtown. The Brass Tap franchise is not longer happening, and instead former franchisee/owner Samir Naik will own and operate Collective Pour. The bar will focus on craft beer from the Midwest, and will offer a selection of whiskey. Naik has confirmed to Smile Politley that local breweries (Triptych, Riggs, JT Walker’s, Blind Pig, and Big Thorn) will be on tap. The food menu will feature bar snacks.

The bar should open sometime in late June or early July; we’ll keep you posted. 

Photo by Jessica Hammie


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