Earlier this week, dream pop/rock duo Common Loon awoke from bit of a slumber, issuing teasers for new music, releasing a new song "The Coup", and now they have released their long-awaited new record, Common Loon. This is the follow up from their 2010 release The Long Dream of Birds, which you can read our review of here

The band released the track "Harry Dean Stanton" back in 2013, which is featured on this record.

Common Loon is comprised of Robert Hirschfeld and Matthew Campbell, and they will perform for the first time in a handful of years at Record Store Day at Exile on Main Street on April 13th.

Album art and track listing below, and stream the whole thing here via their website.

Common Loon:

  1. Tuesday
  2. Radium
  3. Sitting in the Flames
  4. Radar Gun
  5. Automatic Skin
  6. Academy Smiles
  7. Heart and Soul
  8. Tired of Waiting
  9. Harry Dean Stanton
  10. Via Appia 
  11. The Coup