Smile Politely

Crave Truck hanging up its wheels

We’ve extensively covered the Crave Truck over the last two years; some may argue a disproportionate amount considering it was just a waffle truck. But hey, it was a cool project by a high schooler. Sadly, it appears that the experiment has come to an end. The News-Gazette is reporting that proprietor Zach Ware has decided to move on as he enters college.

Ware blames the heat and the prolonged licensing delay with Champaign as reasons for the closure, and says things didn’t grow like he hoped they would. And anyone will tell you slinging food is a pretty tough business. Plus, who wants to start college with that same old high school job anyway?

Of course, it wasn’t all for not naught. He certainly got people talking and, thanks to Ware’s work, Cracked Truck and the world’s loudest taco wagon are regularly available to the masses in downtown Champaign. So congrats to Zach. He got a pretty fantastic resume builder, and we got to eat fresh waffles for a couple of years.

Plus, it’s not all bad news on the waffle front.

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